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Company Profile
    SiChuanShengShi Asset Assessment Office Co., Ltd is the first independent legal institution of authenticating and evaluating integration of antique artworks. She was approved by the competent department of cultural relics of China and registered by the industrial and commercial bureau of Sichuan province in Sept.8, 2010.

She has gathered all kinds of antiques experts and marketing masters after the formation. Now, she has more than 30 experts in the appraisal team, including the national advanced cultural relics identification division, jewelry appraisal division, national cultural system experts, professors in universities, CPV, lawyers and other professionals. They have been carrying out various kinds of professional appraisal business all the year round. She had established deep cooperation relationship with the domestic first-class experts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Jingdezhen and other places.

To ensure the appraisal quality of artworks, our company had formed a scientific, rigorous evaluation process and quality control mechanism. In the identification technology, she adheres to the combination of science and technology with the actual combat experience formed by the eye-identification methods aiding by trace element analysis technology in order to ensure the accuracy of the identification conclusion. In the technological field of antique art value, she had introduced the mathematical model to evaluate the value of antiques based on the collection and organization of the transaction price information so that she had a successful exploration in improving the scientific objectivity of antique artwork value assessments.

Because the relevant laws and regulations lag behind relatively, the artwork appraisal market is the dragons and fishes jumbled together with a surging undercurrent of false instead of genuine in an inflated assessment prices. A handful of appraising staff for their own interests lose their social credibility to discredit antiques appraisal industry image seriously.  

The biggest difference between her as the first domestic antique art appraisal institution with legal person status with appraisal subjects composed of individuals or temporary troupes at present is: We can undertake the corresponding civil liabilities independently, constantly improve the scientific appraisal work process and innovate evaluation techniques in continuous operation. The pressure of survival and development requires us to integrity management, scientific identification, objective evaluation to set up and maintain the brand image in the market, Shengshi. Antique art market need positive energy to discard the false and retain the true, we will make unremitting efforts for this to the end.

We have undertaken more than 300 entrusted matters in antique, calligraphy and painting works of art appraisals and have provided appraisal reports for the domestic art institutions, exchanges across, public security organs, procuratorates, departments of justice, financial systems, museums in more than four years of operation. We have earned a good reputation in art industry for our professional integrity recognized and praised by others.

We will be insisting in Professional, Objective, Credibility business philosophy to constantly enhance our appraised and evaluated skills for further improvement of the evaluation quality control system and provide credibility, calligraphy and painting artworks with more excellent assessment services for whole society.


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